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Frozen Squid (Tubes Only)
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Scientific name:Loligo spp, Illex Illecebrosus Market name: Squid, Calamari Common names: Squid, Calamari, Loligo, Ilex, Summer Squid, Winter Squid, Long Fin Squid, Short Fin Squid At we purchase only Loligo squid (Calamari). There are several types of Squid in the world and...
Group: Squids
Frozen Half Shell Mussels
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Scientific Name: Mtyilus edulis Market Name:Mussel Some Common Names: Blue Mussel, Black Mussel, IQF Mussel, Half Shell Mussel, Whole Shell Mussel At we purchase only the highest quality frozen Mussels available. We prefer to use the J & R Brand from Long Branch, NJ....
Group: Mussels
Fresh Monkfish
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Scientific name: Lophius americanus Market name: Monkfish Common names: Monkfish, anglerfish, goosefish, bellyfish, poor man's lobster At we purchase only the freshest Monkfish available. The fresh Monkfish we process are always from the North Atlantic waters of the United...
Group: Seafood


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