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Lobster Tails (2-3 oz.)
  • Lobster Tails (2-3 oz.)

Lobster Tails (2-3 oz.)

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Scientific Name for the "Spiny" Lobster (no claws):
Panulirus spp.,Jasus spp
Market Name: Rock Lobster
Some Common Names: Warm Water Lobster Tail, Cold Water Lobster Tail, Spiny Lobster Tail, Rock Lobster Tail

At Always Fresh we purchase only the highest quality lobster tails that are available on the market. There are many types and many origins in the world that lobster tails can come from. Basically the country in which it is caught and processed is the name of the lobster i.e. Brazil, South Africa, Honduras etc.

Lobster tails can also be classified as cold-water tails, warm water tails, rock and sand tails. At Always Fresh we sell thousands of pounds thru our wholesale seafood company to the restaurants and food stores. We will always correctly identify the country of origin and price the lobster tail accordingly.

The lobster tails we are currently offering are from the country of Jamicia. These lobster tails are sized between 2 & 3 ounces each.
You will get 2 pounds of lobster tails to the package.

At Always Fresh we sell many sizes and origins of lobster tails so if you need a specific size or origin please call us.

Information is up-to-date: 21.06.2017
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