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Fresh Sea Scallops
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Fresh Sea Scallops

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Scientific Name: Placopecten Megallancius
Market Name: Scallop
Common name: Sea Scallop, Deep Sea Scallop
At we pride ourselves in our fresh Sea Scallops. Being located on the New Jersey Shore for over 22 years we have made many contacts with local fishing boats, buying the freshest and highest quality available. also purchases Sea Scallops from Canada and other Northern Atlantic States, so we have a constant supply for our wholesale trade and our new e-commerce patrons. uses natural "Dry" Sea Scallops which are shucked on board on the Scallop boats and packed in special cloth bags.

"Dry" Sea Scallops are not treated with any chemical additives nor are they soaked in water to retain additional weight. gets it's Scallops regularly from local fishing boats coming in to dock. We immediately pick up the product in our refrigerated trucks and bring the Sea Scallops back to our plant for redistribution.

When you purchase fresh Sea Scallops from you are purchasing them only one step removed from the original fishing boats.

Dry Sea Scallops have a medium firm texture and a sweet flavor which can run from mild to briny. Scallop meat can be tan to white to an almost orange brown color and still be fresh. Dry Sea Scallops do cost a little more than "Processed" Sea Scallops (chemical preservatives added), but they are certainly worth it.

Information is up-to-date: 21.06.2017
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